Loans for Bad Credit No Guarantor

cloudsGaining access to some extra funds when you have a poor credit rating can be difficult. Normal lending channels such as a bank or credit company are simply not an option.

That’s why CreditPoor has made a bad credit loan available, that doesn’t require a guarantor to undersign the credit agreement. If you need some extra funds, no matter what for, and you have a bad credit rating, we can probably help you.

No Guarantor Needed

Traditionally, people with a bad credit rating are offered loans that require somebody to guarantee the payments. This means if the original borrower stops paying for any reason, the guarantor becomes liable for the full loan value.

However, this is obviously quite a road block for many people with a poor credit score who simply don’t have anyone who can stand as guarantor for them. So we have made a no guarantor bad credit loan available to help these people.

No Collateral Needed

Some bad credit loans that don’t require a guarantor, ask for the borrower to put up assets as collateral against the loan. Most usually this will be their house, flat or some other type of high-value property.

We don’t require any collateral in order for you to be eligible for our no guarantor bad credit loan. As long as you can fulfil our basic requirements, you should be good to go.

Completely Unsecured Bad Credit Loans

This combination of not needing a guarantor, and no need for collateral to secure the loan, means that this is a completely unguaranteed financial product. Perfect for people with a bad credit rating. However, it should be noted that due to the increased risk of lending, interest charges will be higher than a traditional personal loan, and the amount you can borrow will be less.

A Fast Application Process

We have made applying for a no guarantor bad credit loan very easy. Simply start by filling in our online application for. We will check the details you provide, and if you are eligible for a loan, we might as you for some supporting documentation to prove key information such as name, age, and address.

Once this has been done successfully, we will complete the loan application, and make the funds available to you. This can be done within as little as a single working day.

Access to a Wide Range of Loan Products

We have access to a wide range of products made available from a panel of reputable lenders. This helps us to match the needs of our clients up with the best loan on offer for their circumstances.

From a Loan Broker you can Trust

CreditPoor is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as a registered loan broker. This means we conform with all legal requirements for providing bad credit loans. You can always trust us to give you the best financial advice, and we will never push you towards a no guarantor bad credit loan that is unsuitable for you.